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Here’s what our clients say about Ten5 CRM:

Rebecca Hardin, President

“Ten5 CRM was instrumental in the implementation and roll out of our CRM. Our busy consulting firm requires us to be fully engaged with our hospitality clients at all times, leaving very little time for a CRM implementation.

Ten5 CRM was able to guide us through the process, hold us accountable for achieving our collaborative timelines, and helped us move from paper copies into a system that has saved us countless hours of time and duplicate work. They took the time to understand our business, which allowed them to create a platform that was completely customized, including training our staff to use our CRM system efficiently in our day-to-day work.

We now have the ability to track our client details, sales opportunities and related communications, which will continue to propel us forward while our business grows across Canada. We look forward to our continued work with Ten5 to build our marketing platform on our customized CRM system.”

Rebecca Hardin, PresidentRH Hospitality Solutions
Barry Cross, Cross Developments

“We hired Ten5 CRM to help us develop our sales process and implement a supporting CRM system that would make leasing our new condominium project efficient and repeatable. Since we have offices in two cities, the system had to be integrated with our website and provide online access to all prospect and client information, and communications. We also wanted to track all of our lead sources to focus our marketing budget on the media source.

Through strong collaboration and their understanding of CRM, Ten5 CRM helped us refine our sales process and tailor our system specifically to the way we do business. We were able to track our sales from initial lead to a won or lost deal, and see the impact of our marketing initiatives through accurate metrics and reporting.

By offering ideas and insight, setting up our CRM right the first time, and training us to use it efficiently, their services helped keep our team focused and on top of every leasing opportunity. I would highly recommend Ten5 to assist with CRM and all aspects of marketing, and will continue to use them on future projects.”

Barry Cross, Cross DevelopmentsSummit Village Residences
Jim Lanctot, Realtor and Founder

“As our real estate brokerage and online community, began to gain momentum, we required a CRM system to help us manage our sales pipeline more effectively and provide reliable metrics and reporting.

We wanted to track the revenue from sales leads generated by our website and other marketing initiatives, as well as repeat and referral revenue generated from relationships with past clients in our database.

We hired Ten5 CRM to provide insight into planning our CRM system and to set it up quickly. They provided an unbiased sounding board for our ideas and worked with us to refine our sales process by configuring the CRM to suit our specific requirements.

We are now able to provide a better client experience from sales lead to the sale and/or purchase of their home, furthering our strong reputation in the community. We have enjoyed working with the Ten5 CRM team and appreciate the expertise and collaborative approach they bring to the table. I would highly recommend their services to companies ready to take their business to the next level with CRM.”

Jim Lanctot, Realtor and FounderLynn Valley Life
John Durrant, President

“Managing our busy video production agency required a system that would help us organize and follow-up quickly on our sales leads, to qualify them, determine their project requirements, and provide a proposal. We wanted something that would minimize the need to rely on memory and spreadsheets to ensure the many details required to close a sale were handled.

We hired Ten5 CRM and were very pleased with their insight, approach, training, and the end result. We now have a CRM system that’s integrated with our website, and our leads can be easily tracked through each stage of our sales process and closed faster. Ten5 CRM has also managed email marketing campaigns for us, using an app they integrated with our CRM, to send targeted lead nurturing campaigns to different types of organizations, with promotions and video samples that are relevant to their business.

Ten5 CRM provided guidance throughout these projects, so we were able to make informed decisions together on the best way to set up our system to enhance our day-to-day operations. Now we can focus on video production for our clients. If you need CRM help, Ten5 CRM is a great choice.”

John Durrant, PresidentBacklot Media

Is your company located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg or somewhere in between? Our team of experts is here to help companies across Western Canada to better utilize the strengths of two of the best CRM products available, Sales Cloud and Zoho CRM, to make their companies more profitable.

It’s a privilege to learn about our clients’ businesses and goals, and show them there’s so much more to CRM than managing leads and contacts. We’d like to thank the clients above for their feedback and ongoing relationship with Ten5 CRM.