Salesforce vs. Industry-Specific CRM: What’s best for your business?

From what I’ve observed over the years as a Salesforce and Zoho CRM consultant, when it comes to CRM, there is always a new vendor trying to “build a better mousetrap” – in some cases, justifiably so – but in many cases an industry-specific CRM is just not necessary and ultimately does not end well for the client financially.

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CRM Benefits – The Critical Link

Is your company missing the critical link?

If you are late to customer relationship management, there are a myriad of very good reasons to educate yourself about CRM benefits. Companies that want increased efficiency and sales typically use at least a basic contact management system, while others use a full CRM (customer relationship management) system with much more functionality and related benefits to manage their sales leads and related administration. These systems, depending on their features and capabilities, allow companies to manage their leads, schedule follow-ups, book meetings through shared calendars, and run reports for more accurate sales forecasting and insight into their business as a whole. Read more