CRM Benefits – The Critical Link

Is your company missing the critical link?

If you are late to customer relationship management, there are a myriad of very good reasons to educate yourself about CRM benefits. Companies that want increased efficiency and sales typically use at least a basic contact management system, while others use a full CRM (customer relationship management) system with much more functionality and related benefits to manage their sales leads and related administration. These systems, depending on their features and capabilities, allow companies to manage their leads, schedule follow-ups, book meetings through shared calendars, and run reports for more accurate sales forecasting and insight into their business as a whole.

Far too many companies still rely on client lists in various spreadsheets and key client information in paper files or on sticky notes. With the proliferation of mobile devices, managing multiple email and calendars in and out of the office is becoming increasingly complex.

In addition, many companies use a marketing campaign system like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response or other online products to send emails and newsletters and track metrics such as open and click-through rates. While these products are very effective as stand-alone marketing tools, unless properly integrated with a CRM system, they require extensive list management involving the importing and exporting of spreadsheets, to ensure the right people are sent the appropriate campaigns and not hit with the same ones repeatedly.

Very few companies have a fully-integrated sales and marketing system that combines everything into one central hub, to give them complete insight into their business and the true ROI on their marketing initiatives. This is what we refer to as “The Missing Link”, the critical piece that is often under-estimated and ignored.

Get the missing link!

We offer affordable CRM consulting and services to help our clients break down their sales and marketing processes into simple steps; from initial lead, to sales opportunity, to won or lost sale, and all tasks in between. We match these steps to a CRM system that suits their requirements and grows with their business. The result? High efficiency and increased profitability, through one fully-integrated “central hub” that allows our clients to easily and efficiently track prospects and existing clients through all stages of the sales cycle, send email marketing campaigns with metrics fed back to each client record, gain immediate insight into those that expressed interest in the campaign for quick, focused follow-ups, and create automated drip campaigns to further inform and move prospects forward.

All communications and activities are tracked and followed up on in a timely manner. Save notes and documents, log phone calls, track time spent with each client and enter reminders so nothing is forgotten. Integrate all of your email from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and any other sources into one email interface. Save client emails sent or received through Outlook, into their client record.

Implementing a fully-integrated sales & marketing system is a game-changer for any business.

Contact us so we can help your company set up a CRM system affordably and in a minimal amount of time. Get the Missing Link!