CRM Consulting

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CRM consulting services

Ten5 CRM offers consulting services, implementation and training to clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and throughout Western Canada.

Our CRM consulting services help companies like yours focus on the following:

  • Getting organized
  • Streamlining sales processes and administration
  • Tracking marketing ROI
  • Providing the highest level of customer service
  • Increasing revenue and profitability

We know that CRM is a game changer for companies of all sizes. We use it every day in our own business. Through our team’s expertise in sales and marketing, we can help your company implement a CRM system the right way the first time, ensuring that is scales as the business grows and continues to provide high value.

We take pride in helping business executives, managers and their staff work more productively, provide an enviable level of customer service, and gain clear insight to make sound business decisions through the right CRM metrics and reporting.

How our CRM consulting works

Specializing in and Zoho CRM consulting services, we work with businesses of all sizes; from small companies with 5-10 users, to larger corporations with hundreds of users. Whether you have an existing CRM system and want it audited, reorganized and your staff trained to use it efficiently; or are new to CRM and are looking for help to determine what you need, we are Western Canada’s one-stop CRM shop.
To start with, let’s clarify a few myths about CRM. Firstly, CRM is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s arguably the most important system for any company to build the business upon, since it will positively impact sales, marketing, customer service, administration, business intelligence and reporting. Most importantly it will impact your company’s profitability.

Secondly, CRM is no longer only affordable for large companies with massive budgets. The increasingly popular “software as a service” (Saas) platforms, led by and Zoho CRM has made CRM accessible to businesses of all sizes during the past 15 years. With an affordable, “pay as you go” monthly fee for access to your web-based CRM system, investing thousands in computer servers and software to install on each desktop is no longer required. With a secure login and an Internet browser, you can access your CRM and do business from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Thirdly, CRM consulting help does not have to cost a fortune. Our CRM rates are affordable for businesses of all sizes and provide the high value you need to get going, without taking out business loans to pay for it.

The following are Ten 5’s steps to “CRM that Makes Sense”:

  1. Discovery & Process Documentation
    We’ll work with you to detail and document your sales, marketing, customer service, and administration processes. This initial consulting work is the key to your successful CRM implementation.
  2. Metrics & Reporting
    We’ll work with you to determine which metrics and key performance indicators are most important for your business, and will determine the system setup, integrations and/or custom development, and reporting required to track them.
  3. Implementation
    We plan and set up the CRM system to suit your company’s requirements today, while ensuring scalability as your company grows in future years.
  4. Data Importing
    We review and import your data (if it’s a new CRM system) so it populates in the correct fields we set up in Step 3. We review the setup with your key stakeholders for approval and signoff.
  5. Training
    We train your executives, managers and staff to use the CRM system efficiently and boost productivity and profitability. We can provide ongoing training and support as required.

Contact us today to learn more about our CRM consulting services and receive a free 30-minute consultation.