Salesforce and Zoho CRM Dashboards and Reports

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We start by asking the right questions

It’s one thing to sit down with a client and ask, “What would you like your system to provide in terms of CRM analytics and reporting?”, and another to ask, “Would you like to track the number of leads you generate through your website, referrals, and each advertising channel, trade show, and event?” and “Would you like to track the specific sales opportunities generated by each lead source, their dollar values, closing date and stage in your sales process, by sales rep name, and by the marketing campaign that generated the lead in the first place?”

Sounds complicated, right? Not to us. And it doesn’t have to be for you. We prefer to cover the bases, not to make things more complicated, but to ensure that you understand what your new or existing Salesforce or Zoho CRM system can do for your business today, as well as in the future as your company grows. We’ll ask the right questions to get you thinking about what’s possible, and determine the best way to make that happen.

Data & KPIs

Our experts in Salesforce and Zoho CRM analytics and reporting will work with you to determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be tracking in your business to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We provide helpful recommendations on metrics and comparative reports that many companies can’t imagine tracking with their current system or existing CRM setup. If there’s a field in your new or existing Sales Cloud or Zoho CRM system that contains data, in most cases, we can provide you with a CRM report that gives you the information you need to make timely, informed decisions based on that data.

We’ll look at KPIs that allow you to be proactive, rather than reactive in your business, thanks to optimal Salesforce or Zoho reporting. You’ll gain insight into your sales, marketing and customer service you never thought possible. We help you connect the dots between these three key components of your business, eliminating isolated silos of information and disconnected reporting.

Accountability for profitability

Ten5 CRM can help you put measures in place to ensure there’s a high level of accountability for each department and staff member. This significant, but often overlooked benefit of accurate Salesforce reporting and analytics, allows your managers the insight to mentor and provide the necessary training and steps for staff members to improve their skills. They’ll thrive in their respective departments and positions, boosting staff satisfaction and retention levels. Your customers will benefit from better service. Your sales numbers will improve. Everyone wins.

The organization, efficiently, repeatability and scalability that CRM provides through access to prospect and customer information serves to increase your company’s sales and profit. It enables your sales, marketing and customer service teams to share key information and do what they do best: convert your prospects to paying customers, and retain your existing customers so they buy more.

We can set up your CRM system to generate reports that are simple and fairly high level, or as granular and detailed as you require for your specific business. Our CRM consulting expertise and the cloud CRM systems we specialize in, and Zoho CRM, make this data available at your fingertips when we plan and set up your system and reports correctly from the beginning.

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