Salesforce and Zoho CRM Implementation

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Once we’ve completed your CRM strategy and planning through discussions and a detailed review of your sales, marketing and customer service processes, and documented the refinements necessary to reach your goals, the next step is CRM implementation. This is the “nuts and bolts” of setting up your new Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) or Zoho CRM system, or making adjustments to your existing system to tailor it to your specific business requirements.

Administration & security

Before any CRM data migration or importing from other systems begins, our CRM implementation work starts with some administrative housekeeping. Depending on your situation, new CRM licenses may need to be set up, as well as auto signatures and other details.

We can also help you determine who needs access to what in your CRM system and set it up accordingly. There may be data that you only want certain staff members or departments to have access to.

Custom fields, workflows & templates

Next is the addition or updating of existing CRM field values, and/or the setup of new custom fields, that align with your sales, marketing and customer service processes. Examples include Lead Source values to track the sales opportunities from upcoming trade shows, partner referrals, and web lead forms.

As part of your CRM implementation, templates and workflows are powerful CRM tools that we can set up for you to automate repeatable processes. Workflows reduce human error or forgetting a step, while templates provide quick, professional, consistent follow-ups, both saving your company time and money.

Data migration

Now we can begin your data migration. We’ll review your data exported from other systems into spreadsheets and help you get it into the right format and organization to import it into your CRM system. We’ll add the applicable new fields and values that will populate the corresponding fields in your CRM system.

Analytics & reporting

Now imagine having easy-to-read dashboards and reports at your fingertips? We make this happen with CRM analytics and reporting, based on the planning and implementation work we’ve completed for you. We can adapt and customize these reports to suit your unique requirements.

CRM training

After some testing and a final review and signoff from your company, we are ready to provide CRM training for your staff, often specific to their roles, so they can use the system efficiently.

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