Salesforce and Zoho CRM Strategy & Planning

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Strategy + planning = CRM success

Leveraging our expertise in CRM strategy and planning in the early stages of your CRM system implementation or update, can make the difference between a successful result that increases the revenue and profitability of your business, and one that leads to frustration, lack of CRM user adoption, and ultimately, wasted time and money.

Your business, or the organization you work for, may be fairly simple or extremely complex. Either way, effective CRM strategy and planning up front is a must. We like to think of the strategy as “The What”, and the planning as “The How”, to help your organization streamline its Sales, Marketing and Customer Service processes first, before we begin CRM implementation to support and enhance them.

This critical step is often overlooked by organizations that set up their system without consulting CRM experts. Much like building your own home, it can be done, but without the right planning and steps completed by an experienced contractor and team, it will likely cost you significantly more in the long run, often with less than ideal results.

It’s not just about the CRM

Deploying a new CRM system for your business, or fine-tuning your existing one, is not just about the features and functionality of the cloud CRM system itself. While these are important, a successful CRM deployment melds people, processes and technology, to better leverage the talents of your team, so your company thrives.

Success comes from having the right CRM strategy and planning in place first, before implementing the Salesforce or Zoho CRM technology and training your team to use it effectively. When CRM planning, implementation and training are done by our consultants, there’s nothing stopping your team from doing what they do best: Selling more of your products and services by helping your prospects and customers.

Getting it right the first time

We help your company get it right the first time, saving your company significant time and money through our phased approach to CRM strategy, planning, implementation and training:

Phase 1 – CRM Discovery and Documentation

    • We offer strategy, insight and recommendations based on our expertise in sales, marketing and customer service management.
    • We’ll help you streamline and document your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service processes.

Phase 2 – CRM Implementation and Training

    • We’ll provide CRM Implementation, the “nuts and bolts” of setting up your Salesforce or Zoho CRM system and tailoring it to your streamlined business processes.
    • We’ll roll out CRM training for your team, based on their specific roles and requirements.

Ten5 CRM positively impacts companies in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, and throughout Western Canada, helping them operate at a much higher level of efficiency and profitability. We remind our customers that it’s not just about the CRM technology itself. While choosing the right CRM system to meet your needs and budget is important, our expertise in CRM strategy and planning enables our customers to see the bigger picture and achieve stronger results in their business.

Contact us for help with your CRM strategy and planning as the first steps.