About Ten5 CRM

About Ten5 CRM consultants

CRM help for SMBs with big plans

At Ten5 CRM, we thrive on helping small and medium businesses with big plans for success. We help companies like yours, not just as CRM experts, but as trusted advisors with a fresh perspective on your sales, marketing and customer service, to improve your business as a whole. We provide insight and actions that fuel stronger performance and accountability for business owners, executives, and staff, so your company achieves greater success with CRM.

Our CRM Mission

Our mission is quite simple: We take the mystery out of CRM and make it practical and affordable for companies to engage our services and gain high value from our knowledge and expertise in CRM planning, implementation and training.

Why CRM is our passion

Having been in sales, marketing and customer service roles ourselves, we’ve been on both sides of the disconnect that often exists between these departments in companies, and knew there had to be a better way of bringing them together as a united team. After several years of managing sales and marketing teams, Bob Neudecker, founder and CEO of Ten5 CRM was presented with an opportunity to lead the marketing team at a CRM software company, where he learned about CRM in depth and how valuable it can be to every company, when the right strategy and planning is put in place from the outset.

When Bob founded his first company, Ten5 Marketing, the first system he put in place was CRM. He built Ten5 Marketing by leveraging the many competitive advantages it provides. Bob saw the need for his clients to do the same, in order to streamline their marketing and sales processes and reporting from raw lead to sales opportunity, to won or lost sale. Offering CRM consulting services for several years became such an advantage in helping his clients, that Bob launched Ten5 CRM.

Today, Bob and the Ten5 team of CRM experts can show clients the real return on each of their marketing initiatives, so they can do more of what’s working and eliminate what isn’t. We help them develop the sales processes and tangible initiatives required to close significantly more sales, and help their service and support teams build stronger long-term relationships with their customers. Our experience working with businesses in a wide variety of industries, allows us to walk in the shoes of our clients, and of equal importance, in the shoes of their clients.

Also worthy of mention, the strict requirements of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law, and the heavy fines that have been levied to date against companies that have not maintained CASL compliance, has furthered our mission to help our clients use CRM to solve numerous pain points like this.

Not just client management software experts

While we have the expertise to handle complex CRM customizations and integrations, we’re more than just client management software and cloud CRM experts on the technical side. Our experience has taught us to focus on CRM strategy and planning in detail, which requires a thorough understanding and documentation of your sales, marketing and/or customer service process, before we implement or update the CRM system itself. This emphasis on consultation and process ensures that the CRM system we deliver supports your requirements today and will scale effectively as your business grows in the future.

We’re fortunate to be located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, where we’re able to help clients in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, and all points in between. And we love working with US customers as well.

Our Ten5 CRM team takes pride in delivering a level of customer service and attention to detail that’s second to none. Contact us to experience the way we do business and take advantage of our FREE 30-minute CRM consultation. We’re ready when you are.