About Ten5 CRM consultants

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a game changer for any small businesses. Our job is to advise companies and help them set up the best web-based CRM platform for their business. We help them meld their people, processes and technology into an efficient system that saves them time and effort, and generates increased revenue and profit. Our team’s expertise allows our clients to get up and running smoothly, with a well-planned and implemented Salesforce or Zoho CRM system and the right training.

Media Coverage

CRM Topics for Media & Speaking Engagements

  • Top 10 risks of not using a CRM system in your business.
  • How much money are businesses leaving on the table by not leveraging CRM?
  • Top 5 things you didn’t know that CRM can do for your business.
  • How CRM provides KPI metrics so you can make critical business decisions before it’s too late.
  • How CRM keeps you ahead of your competitors in an increasingly competitive market.
  • How CRM marketing automation can turn your business into a marketing machine.
  • How CRM mitigates the risk of fines for non-compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law.
  • How CRM creates a valuable asset if you sell your business.
Speaker’s Bio for Bob Neudecker

Bob Neudecker, CEO, Ten5 CRM

With 20 years experience in senior sales and marketing roles, including 3 years at a CRM software company, Bob Neudecker is well-versed in CRM and the impact it can have on a business when implemented successfully. As the founder and president of Ten5 CRM, Bob and his team are focused on delivering CRM strategy, planning, implementation and training that’s a game changer for their clients. In additional to streamlining their sales and marketing processes, communications and reporting with his team, Bob specializes in email marketing automation using CRM and Canadian Anti-Spam Law compliance. Bob is also the founder of Ten5 Marketing, a web marketing agency focused on SEO, content writing and blogging.