Salesforce and Zoho CRM by User Role

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A central hub for Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

With few exceptions, executives, managers and staff, in almost every role benefit greatly from using CRM software in some capacity to do their work more efficiently through access to the right information and time-saving tools at their fingertips. Well-thought-out CRM systems provide a central hub through which key prospect and customer information and communications can be accessed, updated and shared by marketing, sales and customer service staff. This eliminates the shortcomings of operating each department in a silo,, and lends itself to transparency, collaboration, and trust between departments.

CRM systems provide businesses with a leg up on their competitors by enabling them to deliver highly-targeted and relevant marketing campaigns, timely sales follow-ups and tracking, and exceptional customer service experiences that collectively generate higher sales revenue and profits.

Clouds with no software in the forecast

Worthy of note, we hesitate to use the term “CRM software” since there is no longer any software to be loaded onto your servers or work stations with the CRM systems we specialize in, CRM (Sales Cloud) and Zoho CRM. Both are industry-leading “cloud” CRM systems, meaning they are hosted by their respective companies and are accessed securely in the cloud (through the web) by your staff via web browser on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Ten5 CRM can help your company with CRM strategy and planning, as well as the implementation of your CRM system to maximize efficiency, so your team members can focus on what they do best in their respective roles in the organization.

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