Salesforce and Zoho CRM for Customer Service

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As we all know, the key to any successful business is great customer service and support. Happy customers buy more and tell their friends to do the same. No news there, but not every organization is as on focused customer service, or is as proactive about it, as they should be.

Delivering exceptional customer service on a consistent basis is not easy for any company. We can help you streamline your customer service and support processes, and add better tools to further enhance them.

The toughest job

Let’s be honest, being a support rep in a company is one of the toughest jobs there is. They’re on the front line, and when they receive an email or call from your customer, it’s rarely a cheerful conversation at the start. Without a strong system and processes in place that provides easy access and sharing of information, issues take longer than they should to resolve, customer satisfaction is low, reps burn out and turnover is high.

The next level

The addition of CRM takes customer service to an entirely new level for a support team of any size. It allows your reps and managers access to key customer information and tracking of cases at their fingertips. It provides focus and organization, and can change the dynamic between rep and customer. Reps have what they need and are far less frustrated trying to help resolve issues. Their job is more rewarding so they stay longer. Customer satisfaction increases, leading to repeat buying and brand loyalty.

Salesforce Sales Cloud for basic cases

The CRM customer service module (“Cases”) that’s built into Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to track basic product and service issues and associate them to the applicable Account and Contact record. Notes and tasks can be added, Cases can be assigned to another rep or escalated to a manager in order to resolve them in a timely manner, and reports can be generated to show various key performance indicators (KPIs) like average case resolution time by rep, or ages of cases currently open by type, etc.

Salesforce Service Cloud: The full enchilada

If your customer service needs are more complex, Salesforce offers Service Cloud, our recommended product for organizations with larger support teams and call centers. This product provides more advanced features like team collaboration for highly involved support issues; routing of cases to reps by web, phone, email, or social media; live chat, Facetime, social following, rep productivity, customer satisfaction surveys, knowledge base, online community, and so on.

Its integration between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud enables the sharing of customer data between these two applications, so customer information is always up to date and can be accessed and shared between your sales and service departments. This keeps both teams up to date and on the same page, to deliver the exceptional customer service experience you need to stay ahead of your competitors. It also creates much easier opportunities for upselling and cross-selling of your products and services, through an informed handoff of the customer from one department to the other.

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