Salesforce and Zoho CRM for Sales

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The weighty sales funnel

Your sales reps, managers, executives and owners all share one thing: the heavy weight of the sales funnel on their shoulders, as each month end approaches. There is significant pressure in any company to maximize and close every sales opportunity.

Whether they’re on the front lines in direct contact with prospects and customers, act in a managerial and mentoring capacity, or hold an executive position making corporate decisions based on sales tracking and forecasts; sales team members at all levels in your company need a CRM system to help them effectively manage their respective share of the sales funnel.

When set up and used to its potential for sales tracking, CRM is a game changer that provides a significant competitive advantage for organizations that use it effectively to stay on top of every lead and sales opportunity.

The CRM system must enable your team to efficiently manage your leads so you can convert more of them to sales opportunities, and more opportunities to closed sales. Streamlining your tasks and communications, and making it much easier to rinse and repeat your sales steps every next month is key. Doing these things well, ultimately affects the wins and losses of the company. Ten5 CRM will help your team manage your sales funnel systematically, so you can put more wins on the board.

Sales process first, CRM second

Whether you call it one or not, every company that sells products or services, regardless of the size of the organization, has a “Sales Process”. Whether it’s simple and loosely defined, or highly complex and carved in stone, there is a series of steps, in the form of touch points and follow-ups with your prospects, that are required to close a sale. There is likely a variation of this process, or perhaps a completely different one, to secure repeat business with existing or past customers.

Ten5 CRM will help your organization map and document your sales process and its variations, and configure Salesforce Sales Cloud or Zoho CRM to meet the specific requirements of your process. We educate our clients right from the beginning, that it’s not just about setting up the CRM system; the most important step is getting their sales process clearly defined, streamlined and documented. Only then can the CRM system can be set up to support and enhance it.

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3D glasses

Many executives and managers lack the right tools to proactively manage their sales pipeline on a daily basis, and thus forecast with any degree of confidence on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. They are forced to push their reps hard at the end of each month to close every possible sales opportunity, playing a game of catch-up that is tough to win. Deals that might have closed earlier, had they been nurtured and managed more effectively from the beginning, carry over to the next month, targets aren’t met, and so it goes.

When we set it up for you correctly, your Salesforce Sales Cloud or Zoho CRM system becomes your sales manager’s “3D glasses”, giving them clarity on their key performance indicators (KPIs) through visual dashboards and reports, a focus on the most important opportunities in your sales pipeline, confidence in their forecast, and a better evaluation of the performance of your sales reps. It allows managers to identify what each rep is doing, or not doing at any given time, in contributing to, or detracting from, reaching your sales targets.

These insights provide managers with opportunities to coach and mentor reps on an ongoing basis, working closely with them to ensure the big deals close, to build trust, and to positively impact revenue. This creates a sales culture fueled by success and satisfaction, rather than fear and panic, and leads to higher productivity, staff retention, and increased sales revenue and profit.

Tools, training & targets

With the help of Ten5 CRM and the sales tracking capabilities built within the Salesforce Sales Cloud or Zoho CRM application, we’ll equip your sales reps with the right tools and training to focus on qualified leads and the strongest opportunities so they close more deals. We can minimize their time spent on repetitive tasks and follow-ups, by setting up easy steps, templates and workflows that allow them to focus on what they do best: selling more of your products and services. Reaching their daily, weekly, or monthly sales targets will become less about stress and more about success.

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